Carlos Ralli Ucendo

Telefónica I+D, S.A.U.
Future Internet Architect, IPv6 Expert
FI-WARE: Future Internet Services core-platform
Distrito Telefónica. Building West 1.
Carlos Ralli Ucendo

Carlos Ralli Ucendo got his degree in Telecommunications Engineer from the Technical University of Madrid (UPM). He joined Telefónica I+D in 1997.
During 1999 he planned and executed the first IPv6 connection of Telefonica and UPM experimental networks to the "6-Bone", the first IPv6 worldwide network,  as described in his book “Análisis, Configuración y Pruebas del Protocolo IPv6”.

As a network researcher, he has contributed to several national and international projects (SABA, SABA II, Armstrong Eurescom P1009, eTEN m-MAG).
As a senior researcher, he has been playing the role of scientific and financial coordinator in LONG (IST-1999-20393) FP5 project and as prime contractor in Euro6IX (IST- 2001-32161) FP5 project, considered the largest industrial IPv6 research testbed/backbone in the EU.
Within the Euro6IX project, Carlos co-organized the “Global IPv6 Service Launch event” (Brussels, Jan 2004) in cooperation with the EC, GEANT and the 6NET project performing IPv6 presentations and demonstrations of Telefonica IPv6 commercial services to the EU Commissioner Erkki Liikanen and EU parliament members.
During 2005 and 2006 Carlos contributed to the “NG-CWE Expert Group” launched by the European Commission and the European Space Agency (ESA).
In the period 2006-2009 Carlos was focussed on researching in ICT technologies application in rural traditional and emerging businesses in the context of C@R (IST-FP6-34921), leading the design of an open architecture able to cope with Telco capacities and existing and forthcoming SW platforms.
Since 2008, Carlos is the main participant of TI+D team in the 6Choice (2008-2010) FP7 coordinated action, where relevant Indian and EU partners identify and disseminate exploitation IPv6 results and scenarios.

Since 2006 up to now, he has being assisting the European Commission as independent expert in IST projects technical reviews.
- Special mention by ISOC in May 2010 RIPE conference in Prague. (Slide 16.
- "Observatorio IPv6 en España", ESNOG, Bilbao. May 2010.
- "State of the art, open issues & concerns on IPv6 transition", ISOC Operators Roundtable, Seattle April 2010.
 - "State of the Art & Open Issues on Telcos/ISP Transition to IPv6", Indian Institute of Science (IISC), Bangalore Feb 2010.
- 10 years experience on IPv6 networks and services.
- Founding member of the "Observatorio IPv6 en España".
- Audits of IPv6 deployment impact for Telefónica business units.
- Audits of several fixed and mobile IP networks of Telefónica in SouthAmerica.
- Leadership of international research projects involving Telefónica Business units.
- More than 50 presentations in international events in Europe, India, Japan, China and SouthAmerica, including rountables participation & key note speeches. 
- New models of services in the IPv6 Internet.
- How Internet will look like after IPv6 transition.
- IPv6 capabilities and applications.
- IP fixed networks evolution and new standards

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