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Pierre Plaza Tron

Pierre Plaza studied Electrical and Communications Engineering bachelor degree at the "Universidad Iberoamericana" Mexico city. He graduated at the beginning of 1985 and joined ERICSSON Mexico, ATE division. He was sent the to Richardson-Texas to develop the first ISDN advanced services of their AXE telephone Exchanges. The programming languages used were: PLEX and the Motorola 68000 Assembler. In 1986-1987 he studied a Master in Electrical Engineering (MEE) at the Philips International Institute-The Netherlands. He has developed his Master thesis at the Philips Research Labs in the analysis for the implementation of a CD player using a “minimum” chipset. From 1987 until 1989 he worked at the Philips Research Laboratories (Eindhoven) in the field of VLSI design. His work then was related to silicon compilation and designs of DSP processors. He was responsible for the design of the first simulation library for the Piramid/Cathedral silicon compiler for DSP systems. The language and simulator that was used was HELIX, the first Hardware Description Language (Predecessor of Verilog and VHDL). He then participated in the design of two ASICs for the Compact Disc players (SYNGEN and the CD servo-controller). In 1989 he joined Philips Consumer Electronics Division at the Integrated Circuit Laboratory (Eindhoven), doing some consultancy and analysis of new CAD tools and participating in the development of several IC’s ( DCC chip set, Match Line TV Video processor). From 1991 he joined TELEFONICA I+D and worked in the microelectronics division. He has participated in several Telecom ASIC designs in the field of ATM: a) The ICM ASIC a scalable switching engine capable of delivering throughputs up to 2.5 Gb/s per channel. The ASIC was one of the firsts 0.7 micron ASICs in Europe developed using Verilog as HDL and using as test strategy full scan. b) The CMC ASIC, an Input/Output processor of ATM cells including some OAM functions and serving as an ATM level interface to the ICM IC. This ASIC was developed in a SGS Thomson BICMOS 0.5 micron technology and was the more complex BICMOS design ever done at ST. Its I/O frequency was 311 Mhz. He has published several papers in different conferences in the field and got “Best paper awards” in several conferences: ASIC’95, IVC’95, ED&TC’94 and ED&TC’95 (in the latter two the “Best Industrial Asic awards” were obtained). .He has participated in several Esprit projects such as FORMAT (Tools for Formal verification), EVEREST (tools for test) , CHIPPAC (New and advanced MCM and packaging technologies). Where he was task responsible and Telefónica I+D PMC member. He has also been task leader of a couple of JESSI projects in the field of ATM. (AE97, AE102 and AE103). Since 1996 he was appointed as manager of the Hardware Technology Division which had as main responsibilities: IC design, PCB layouting and the design of public telephony systems. He was responsible of the design team of the “TMPLUS”, the payphone that was installed in Spain and Latam during 2000 and 2001. In 2001 he joined the Digital Home area where he has participated in many research oriented projects focusing on Home based technologies for networking and services provision. He started activities on the eHealth and connected car domains at TID. He has been in charge of several divisions, carrying out projects for Telefonica de España and Moviles. Since 2006 he has been leading the implementation of subsidized projects in the Digital Home Domain (More than 10 projects, accounting for more than 15 Million Euros).

December 2010 - An introduction to BeyWatch, installation requirements and smart grid relationship"  

Conference:  Integration of renewable and distributed energy resources, Albuquerque,NM. 

Autor: Pierre Yves Plaza Tron

Description:  R&D coolaboration for D&G-Ready Architecture


June 2010 Rodrigo Roman, Javier Lopez, Olivier Dugeon, Marc Lacoste, Pierre Plaza Tron, Marta Bel. Advanced Secure Multimedia Services for Digital Homes. Information Systems Frontiers. Accepted for Publication, published online.


November 2009 - Session moderator: "ICT for sustainable homes: a cluster view"

 Author: Pierre Yves Plaza Tron

Description: ICT for Sustainable Homes Conference 2009


October 2009 - "Posición de Telefonica I+D y visión del futuro para la investigación en Europa en temas de energía"

 Author: Pierre Yves Plaza Tron

Description: Towards an ICT Infrastructure for Energy Positive Neighbourhoods. European Large Scale Actions (ELSA)

Thematic Working Group on ICT for energy efficiency, European Commission


February 2009 - "An Optimized e-Health Platform to Provide Electronic Services over Dynamic Networking


Author: Pierre Yves Plaza Tron, Jose Luis Gonzalez

Prieto, Maria Nuria Sanz Martin

Description: ICDS 2009 - The Third International Conference on Digital Society



Author: Pierre Yves Plaza Tron, Maria Nuria Sanz Martin,

Rafael Caro, Daniel Garrido, Rodrigo Román, José Luis



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